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hi my name is tori, when i make clothes its usually under tori prints, when i fill out an official form its tori canning, when i fill out a more official form its victoria canning, when you send me an email its torimaecanning@gmail, when i sign an email its just T. 

i have a silly little BFA from a beautiful philly art school that im admittedly proud of, though has yet to provide fame, glory and riches. 

im obsessed with text and textiles, letters (the shape of) and letters (via mail), books (as object and info), writing and riding passenger, bodies in (and out of) clothing, glue and glitter (and their offspring), music and its movement, labor as dance (dance as labor), sitting at the kitchen table. 

this dot com is both documentation of work ive done and a new project/game i want to play. its a collage that contextualizes stuff i made with stuff i make, ideally showing us some thru lines, themes, this, and that. a peek-a-boo selective portfolio. i wanted to remember what i do, ("artistic practice") and do it (daily practice). 

and finally, in this 'about me' section, i will say that im back living in brooklyn, this is where i grew up. i work at a restaurant, though i wish it was a print shop w/ an exposure unit and a vandercook, or a studio w/ giant windows, or a book store w/ CDs, or a school w/ funny kids. a girl can dream ! and she sure does 

xoxo T

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